Institutes and Departments

  • Biology and Biotechnology The Institute of Biology and Biotechnology has over 550 students, 47 teachers (90% of them Candidates and Doctors of Sciences), 3 departments, Center for Continuing Education, Animal Center, 4 laboratories, 5 areas of training, 2 innovative programs. Opportunity to get basic education - Bachelor's degree, to continue or get new competencies in Master's or PhD studies. The mission of the institute is to train specialists for research and teaching activities in biological sciences, capable of theoretical and applied research at all levels of life organization (from molecular to biosphere), solving problems of transboundary territories and capable of implementing projects aimed at formation of modern agricultural system in Altai Krai with reliance on unique natural potential of the region and neighboring territories.
  • Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology is more than 500 students, experienced faculty, laboratories with specialized teaching and research equipment, students' participation in grants and basic research, more than 10 educational programs, unique scientific schools that allow students to reveal their scientific and creative potential, gaining confidence in their professional and career growth. The mission of the institute is to train specialists in chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, chemical technology and technosphere safety. Graduates of the institute are professionals capable of solving research and production tasks, as well as holding managerial positions in organizations and enterprises in the real economy sector of Altai Krai and Russian regions.
  • Digital Technology, Electronics and Physics The Institute of Digital Technology, Electronics and Physics is a modern scientific and educational center, which trains qualified specialists in high-tech areas of natural sciences and information and communication technologies. The model of continuous practice-oriented education "undergraduate-master's-postgraduate" is implemented in all areas of training - information security, informatics and computer engineering, radiophysics, physics.
  • Economics, Management and Informational Systems International Institute of Economics, Management and Information Systems is the largest economic institute in the region, which provides fundamental training of bright and competent specialists in the field of economics, management and information systems. Our graduates are socially responsible leaders in business, public authorities, local and international communities, capable of solving complex problems and leading companies of any scale to success, ensuring the achievement of sustainable development goals of Altai Krai and regions of the Greater Altai Area.
  • Geography INGEO is more than 1300 students, 60 teachers, including teachers-practitioners from leading organizations of Altai Krai, 4 departments, mineralogy laboratory, GIS center, 13 directions of training, 30 innovative educational programs, new and promising directions of scientific research, project work and international cooperation. The mission of the institute is to train specialists in the field of Earth sciences, service, tourism, hospitality, landscape design, as well as land management and cadastre, able to meet the global challenges of our time and contribute to the sustainable development of nature and society. Graduates of the institute work in the system of nature protection and nature management, higher educational institutions and research institutes, design organizations, in the field of recreational services and tourism business, as well as in schools of the city and region.
  • History and International Affairs The Institute of History and International Relations is one of the leaders in the field of higher classical history education in Russia. It has over 700 students, 2 departments, 8 educational and research centers and laboratories, international mobility programs and internships in Europe and Asia. The institute provides humanitarian education that meets modern requirements. Realization of educational programs is provided by highly professional staff of teachers, including 11 doctors and 41 candidates of sciences. There are full-time and part-time forms of education. Master's degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies are working effectively.
  • Humanities Institute of Humanities is more than 3500 students, 200 teachers, 14 departments, 12 centers, scientific and educational laboratories, 51 areas of training and 119 innovative educational programs. The mission of the institute is to train specialists in humanities, social sciences, art and design, who are able to meet the global challenges of our time and shape the humanitarian agenda at national and international levels for sustainable development of Altai Krai and Greater Altai regions.
  • Law The Institute of Law is one of the leaders of legal education in the Siberian Federal District, the flagship of educational, legal and scientific life of the region. For more than 50 years, it has been training legal specialists who successfully operate throughout Russia and far beyond its borders. It has its own legal clinic "Themis" and "Legal Aid Centre", a unique teaching staff (over 8 doctors of sciences and 50 candidates of sciences), more than 10 thousand graduates successfully realising themselves in the profession.
  • Mathematics and IT Institute of Mathematics and IT is more than 650 students, 60 teachers, 6 departments, 8 research centers and educational laboratories, 8 areas of training and 14 super relevant educational programs. The mission of the institute is to train elite personnel for the region and the country in the field of information technology, programming and mathematical methods, capable of developing new methods and algorithms, innovative software products, with the ability to perform research projects, self-learning and adapt to the rapidly changing world of big data and "smart" technologies.