Institute of Arts and Design

Dean Larisa I. Nekhvyadovich, Doctor of Arts
Dean's office 656049, Russia, Barnaul, Dimitrova Street 66, Room 212
Tel. +7 (3852) 366-394, +7 (3852) 366-328, +7 (3852) 366-374

The Faculty of Arts was founded in 2002.

It is one of the main educational centers in Siberia, which speciality is training highly-qualified personnel in the area of arts and design. The faculty collaborates with other leading universities of Germany, China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and other countries, the Union of Russian Artists, the Union of Russian Designers, the Union of Russian Architects.

The main reasons for applying are as follows:

  • The opportunity to receive continuing education (bachelor's, master's and specialist's degree courses, postgraduate programs).
  • Highly qualified academic staff.
  • Modern, up-to-date equipment. Students actively use faculty’s laboratories for modeling and design, computer rooms, Universum art gallery.
  • Students are involved in practical and theoretical work, which helps them better adapt to labor-market conditions and find a job faster.
  • There are plenty of student organizations to make the spare time even more interesting. Drama groups, Club of the Funny and Inventive, different hobby clubs are always ready to welcome new people.
  • Students get a chance to learn more about world and Russian culture.

The Faculty of Arts offers the following educational programs

Bachelor's degree programs:

  • History of arts.
  • Art of costume and textile. Specialization: Artistic design of costume.
  • Professional education. Specialization: Applied and decorative arts and design.
  • Professional education. Specialization: Hairdressing and hairstyle design.
  • Applied and decorative art and folk craft.
  • Culturology. Specialization: Creative management, production.
  • Musical and instrumental art.

Specialist's degree programs:

  • Concert performing art.

Master's degree programs:

  • History of arts.
  • Art of costume and textile.
  • Professional education.

Postgraduate programs:

  • Applied and decorative art and architecture.
All educational programs are generally held in Russian. To enroll in any educational program the applicant must have B1–B2 level of Russian or take 1 year course of Russian language at the Altai State University Preparatory Department.

Faculty structure

  • Department of Russian and International Art History;
  • Department of Art Theory and Cultural Studies;
  • Department of Instrumental Performance;
  • Universum Art Gallery;
  • Cultural Education Center.

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