Museum of Nature

Laboratory "Museum of Nature" has an exhibition hall and auxiliary funds. The funds of the museum consist of educational, scientific and exposition sections, in which more than 1200 copies are represented. vertebrate animals, the scientific collection of insects is about 3500 units. storage, and the exposition (species) part - more than 300 exhibits.

The materials of the collections mainly represent the fauna of the region (the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic), and in part other regions of Russia (the Taimyr Peninsula, the Far East). Fees are also presented from territories adjacent to Russia (Kazakhstan, Pamir, Kopetdag, Kushka) and fragmentary from other regions (Germany, Antarctica).

The laboratory staff, in addition to providing educational process and replenishment of funds, carry out research on the biology of birds, the ecology of terrestrial vertebrates in the territory of the region; take an active part in solving the problems of conservation of rare animals in the region. First of all, it is the identification and study of areas of special protection, as well as the development of specific measures for the conservation of certain species and environmental groups. Laboratory staff engaged in research and propaganda activities. They participated in writing of the 2nd and 3rd volumes of the Red Book of the Altai Territory, almost all regional Red Books, in all regional conferences.

The laboratory actively participates in work with schoolchildren, promoting the idea of ​​nature conservation, using a prepared course of lectures and conversations.

Currently, the museum staff are: Viktor Y. Petrov, Alexey G. Inozemtsev, Dmitry Vi. Ryzhkov.
Address: Lenin Ave., 61; cab 402L.

You can make an appointment for an excursion to the laboratory of the Museum of Nature by calling:

+7 963 508-68-87 (Victor Y. Petrov); +7 (3852) 243-747.
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