Chemists from Russia and Kazakhstan mastered supercritical fluid technologies at the Center for retraining and further training of AltSU

1 June 2023 Center for Retraining and Further Training

The further training program "Supercritical fluid technologies: theoretical and applied aspects" under the guidance of Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry of Altai State University Natalia Bazarnova finished at the Center for retraining and further training of AltSU.

The students of the program are scientific and pedagogical workers of 20 universities of Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as employees of research institutes, botanical gardens, and business enterprises from 6 regions of Russia.

The program offers the updated experience of our chemists, who were among the first in Russian universities beyond the Urals, under the guidance of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Lunin, who began to deal with the scientific problem of supercritical fluid technologies.

The program is unique in its content, since it addressed the topical issues of a new, promising direction in chemical science - supercritical fluid technologies. The interdisciplinary nature of this area is ensured by the integration of knowledge in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other scientific fields, as well as science and production.

At the final webinar, in their feedback, the listeners noted the high level of organization of the program, its rich, interesting content, exceptional novelty, the activity of all program participants in the issues discussed, as well as sharing practical experience.

The activities of the scientific team, led by Natalya Bazarnova, in close long-term cooperation with the Center for retraining and further training of AltSU continue to further strengthen the image of Altai State University in the implementation of additional educational services at the all-Russian and international levels.

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