Institute of Humanities

Dean Larisa I. Nekhvyadovich, Doctor of Arts
Dean's office Barnaul, ul. Dimitrova, 66, 201 "D"
Tel. +7 (3852) 296-581

The Institute of Humanities is the largest Institute of Altai State University.

The Institute was founded on December 29, 2020 (Order No. 1444/p).

The Institute of Humanities offers the following programs

The mission of the Institute is to train specialists in the field of humanities, social sciences, art and design, capable of responding to global challenges of our time, to form a humanitarian agenda at the national and international levels for the sustainable development of Altai Krai and the Greater Altai regions.

The Institute of Humanities unites more than 3500 students, 200 teachers, 14 departments, 12 centers, research and educational laboratories, 51 training areas and 119 new innovative educational programs.

Now there are more than 1000 students in the team of the mega institute. Among the freshmen, there are 10 winners of the All-Russian Olympiads, gold medalists and diploma winners of international and national competitions, talented and energetic students who are ready to prove themselves in the work on the most interesting projects.

The Institute of Humanities is a space for interaction between teams that are engaged in research not only in their specialization, but also in an interdisciplinary field. Individual trajectories of learning, thorough language training and continuous build-up of digital competencies will allow students of all directions to quickly and effectively integrate into solving professional problems at the junction of the subject fields of humanitarian knowledge and computer technologies, which are advanced today. Joint educational programs with universities in Central Asia provide students with the opportunity to obtain double degree diplomas.

The teachers of the Institute of Humanities, leading Russian scientists and practitioners, visiting foreign specialists, will help talented students to succeed. This is confirmed by the high positions of Altai State University in international and national rankings, including in the direction of "Art and Humanities."

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