International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems

Director Stepan I. Mezhov, Doctor of Economics, Assistant Professor
Office 656049, Russia, Barnaul, pr. Socialistichesky 68, Room 110
Tel. +7 (3852) 296-525

The Faculty of Economics was founded in 1973. It was modified into Institute in 2008. There are more than 4,200 students studying at the institute.

The International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems (IIEMIS) conducts fundamental education in the area of economics. The academic program combines both general and economic subjects like market sociology, market economy models, marketing, economic management, employment and social safety management, innovative management, basics of insurance, international economic relations, basics of tax assessment, information technologies in terms of economy, enterprise economics, banking and finance, statistics, accounting and so on.

IIEMIS offers the following educational programs

Bachelor's degree programs:

  • Management;
  • Economics;
  • Personnel Management;
  • State and Municipal Management;
  • Economic Security;
  • Applied Informatics in Economics.

Master's degree programs:

  • Economics;
  • Management;
  • Banking and Finance;
  • Personnel Management;
  • State and Municipal Administration;
  • Trading Business;
  • Applied Informatics.

Postgraduate courses:

  • Economics.
All educational programs are generally in Russian. To enroll in any educational program the applicant must have B1–B2 level of Russian or take 1 year course of Russian language at the Altai State University Preparatory Department.

Institute Structure

  • Department of Economic Security, Accounting, Analysis and Audit;
  • Department of Foreign Languages in Economics and Law;
  • Department of Management, Business Organization and Innovations;
  • Department of Applied Informatics in Economy, State and Municipal Management;
  • Department of International Economy, Mathematical Methods and Business Informatics;
  • Department of Regional Economics and Management;
  • Department of Banking and Finance;
  • Department of Business Economics and Marketing;
  • Department of Personnel Management and Economic and Social Relations;
  • Department of Theoretical Economics.

The Institute cooperates intensively with international partners. International conferences are regularly held in Belokurikha. There are 3 educational programs, which give an opportunity of getting a “double diploma” (studying process is conducted in both Russia and partner countries).

International partners of IIEMIS

  • Paris-Sorbonne University (France);
  • University of Northampton (the UK);
  • State University of New York (the USA);
  • International Institute CEDIMES (France);
  • Institute for Economic Education of the University of Oldenburg (Germany);
  • George Washington University (the USA);
  • Singapore Management University (Singapore).
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