SCO students stand out for the healthy lifestyle

9 September 2015 Faculty of Biology

On September 6 the lovers of active leisure and cycling took part in a cycling tour which took place on “Dinamo” ski lodge. Faculty of Biology students were among the most active sportsmen.

This event was financed by the Student Assosiations Developement Program. It was organized specially for international students in order to make their campus life more interesting and help them find new friends.

The distance length was 25 kilometers. There were different foods and snacks provided. The winners got gifts and souvenirs.

“The idea of international cycling tour is great! There were about 50 participants and I saw lots of foreigners among them. The atmosphere was very friendly. We enjoyed the weather a lot, nonetheless, it was quite changeable and we had a chance to experience both bright sun and heavy rain. I liked the event. I didn’t struggle for the prize, I didn’t even have a speed bicycle. I just wanted to go for a forest bike ride. I made friends with other students and tried to help those who got lost or couldn’t overcome the obstacles. I got acquainted to a 1st year student Roman, who couldn’t find his way back to the ski lodge. So I helped him! We rode to the finish point together. We had the same bikes, by the way. Our University is conducting such an event for the first time. It’s main objective was to strengthen the friendship between students. We were helping each other and communicating regardless of the ethnic background. The event organizers did a really great job!” – says Sardor Usmanov, a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Biology.

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