Institute of Social Studies

Dean Olga N. Kolesnikova, Candidate of Socioly, Assistant Professor
Dean's Office 656049, Russia, Barnaul, Dimitrova st. 66, Room 202
Tel. +7 (3852) 366-319

The Faculty of Sociology was founded in 1990.

Faculty of Sociology offers the following educational programs

Bachelor's degree programs:

  • Conflict Management;
  • Sociology;
  • Social Work;
  • Youth Work Organization.

Master's degree programs:

  • Sociology;
  • Social Work.
Postgradyate courses:
  • Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes.
All educational programs are generally in Russian. To enroll in any educational program the applicant must have B1–B2 level of Russian or take 1 year course of Russian language at the Altai State University Preparatory Department.

Faculty Structure

  • Department of General Sociology

The department was formed in 1989. The lecturers teach general sociology, history of sociology, sociology of culture, sociology of religion, sociology of spiritual life, social anthropology, demography and so on. The department also provides some original courses like sociology of human nature, arts sociology, Russian culture, etc.

  • D​epartment of Empirical Sociology and Conflict Management

The Department was formed in 1992. Its academic work is mostly connected with social wealth monitoring and Altai citizens’ proneness to conflicts.

  • Department of Social Work

The department was established in 1993. It collaborates with Russian Academy of Education, Petrovski Academy of Science and Arts, Russian Academy of Social Education, Academy of Social Sciences and Local Government, etc.

  • Department of Psychology of Communication and Psychotechnologies

The department was founded in 1998. It carries out classes in sociology, youth psychology, national youth policy, special aspects of youth culture and subculture.

  • Laboratory for Mathematical Support of Sociological and Psychological Research

The laboratory implements new information technologies in scientific research and educational process at the faculty. It also controls the work of the faculty computer network.

  • Center for Science and Research under the Faculty of Sociology

The center conducts fundamental and applied research. Research is carried out by the lecturers of the Faculty of Sociology and financed by different science foundations. Applied research is made by the order of governmental authorities and organizations and deals with particular practical problems.

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