Altai State University wishes you Happy Student Day

25 January 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications

Dear students, lecturers, graduates and guests!

Over two centuries have passed since 25 January 1755, when Empress Elizabeth of Russia signed a petition to establish the University of Moscow. Since that moment we have been celebrating one of the students’ and lecturers’ favourite holidays – Russian Student Day or Tatiana Day.

Studentship is the merriest and busiest period in a person’s life. These are the years of great achievements, love, creativity and discoveries. Every day brings something new, unique and fresh. University years are usually associated with inexhaustible energy, ambitions, self-identification, optimism and thirst for knowledge.

We have a lot of students to be proud of. A number of talented students have joined our university family this academic year and the majority of them have already proved to be very enthusiastic.

Our students are rightfully considered to be the main wealth of Altai State University. I am sure that we will multiply our achievements in the coming year, as we expect a lot of new and interesting things to happen – new successes, merits and victories!

I wish you all the best on the Russian Student Day! Let the education make your every step more confident, open the door to a new life, give you a charge of positive energy and teach you how to solve any problems. You will know the world and yourself. This is a painstaking and hard work, but you should remember that it will help you achieve your goals, and the knowledge gained at the university will enable you to realize your wildest plans.

Happy Student Day!

Rector of Altai State University S.V. Zemlyukov

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