ASU hosts the IV Altai Model United Nations

29 January 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
On January 23, Altai International Model United Nations was opened at Altai State University. It has been organized for the fourth time.

Today, a similar model UN is being organized in universities of the largest countries in the world, and in more than 20 higher educational institutions in Russia. For the first time in Altai, this popular “diplomatic game” was held at the end of 2015 by students of the Faculty of History of ASU, majoring in International Relations. Since then, the geography of the participants of the event has been expanding from year to year, accepting all the new students not only from other regions of Russia, but also from countries around the world. For example, this year among the list of diplomats included representatives from Iraq, Indonesia and Cameroon. In addition, senior students, participants of the second round of the ASU Olympiad on International Relations and Oriental Studies also participate in the Model.

“The United Nations is somewhat utopian, but still an attempt to ensure that global problems are resolved through negotiations, in a peaceful way. This is an attempt to overcome the egoism of politicians, who often think only about their personal interests, instead of caring for the welfare of citizens. Diplomacy teaches us this, and we are preparing our students for these challenges at Altai State University. And model UN helps us in this,” Head of the Department of General History and International Relations at the Faculty of History of ASU, Professor Yu.G. Chernyshov said.

The participants of the General Assembly discussed the problems of international security, and the Security Council considered issues related to the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

“Our annual forum simulates the meetings of the United Nations, in which representatives from various countries of the world participate. The representative of each country expresses their opinion on the problem put forward at the meeting, and then traditionally we draw up and sign a resolution, which is only advisory in nature, since our forum is first and foremost a training platform for international students, political scientists and historians,” Secretary General of the Altai International Model UN, 3rd year student at the Faculty of History of ASU, Elizaveta Kulachkova noted.

It is to be recalled that the organizers of the Altai International Model United Nations were the Department of Educational and Extracurricular Work, the Faculty of History, the Department of General History and International Relations of ASU, and Altai School of Political Studies.

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