ASU graduates successfully compete at World Rafting Championships in Australia

22 May 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
Graduates of the Faculty of Geography of Altai State University as part of the MASTER MEN team were among the winners of the World Rafting Championships in the R-6 class, held on the Tully River in the Australian province of Queensland.

The competition, held under the auspices of the International Rafting Federation, was attended by 50 teams from 18 countries. Russia was represented by three teams, one of which was MASTER MEN, that included representatives of Altai Krai: Andrey Dudnik, Anatoly Bitochkin, Vyacheslav Tabakaev and Andrey Fuchs, as well as Alexey Shirokov from Tomsk and Mikhail Kalinin from Gorno-Altaisk. Three of them are graduates of Altai State University: Vyacheslav Tabakaev, Anatoly Bitochkin, who is now the master of sports of Russia in rafting and has a certificate of the World Rafting Federation, with the right to work on rivers of all categories of complexity, and Andrey Dudnik – senior lecturer at the Department of Recreational Geography, Tourism and Regional Marketing of Altai State University.

On May 18, our athletes took the 3rd place in the Slalom discipline, only letting the Japanese and Czech teams take the lead. As for the combination of disciplines sprints, head to head, slalom and downriver, they managed to capture the 4th position. 

Altai is the birthplace of rafting, since it was here in 1989 that the first World Cup in rafting on mountain rivers was held by the ancestor of the sport, the Barnaul water tourist, the master of sports of the Soviet Union Mikhail Kolchevnikov. Further representatives of 14 countries of the world arrived in Altai, including Australian team, and after 30 years, Altai athletes paid a return visit, representing the Russian team and winning the bronze medal!

The Ministry of Sports of Altai Krai and Kaspersky Lab company, which is one of the leaders in the global market for the development of protection systems against various cyber threats, acted as the partners of the team.

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