Altai State University continues to develop scientific and educational cooperation with China

19 August 2019 For Science Newspaper
On August 9, a delegation from Qiongtai Pedagogical Institute (Haikou, Hainan Province, China) arrived in Altai State University on a working visit. The delegation included the rector of the university, Mr. Cao Yang, and three university representatives from the faculty administration and teaching staff.

Qiongtai Pedagogical Institute is one of the largest universities in Hainan with unique, rich history. More than 10,000 students study there annually, including about 200 foreign students from Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and other countries. The university has two campuses in the capital of Hainan. The university has already trained more than 60,000 teachers. Retraining courses for graduates and professional are also held here.

After having a tour around Altai State University, the guests met with the rector of Altai State University Sergey N. Bocharov. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss areas of cooperation in the field of education between ASU and Qiongtai Pedagogical Institute.

Sergey N. Bocharov welcomed the guests, noting that the flagship university of Altai Krai has been fruitfully cooperating with Chinese universities for quite some time:

“We are pleased that we are expanding our partnership with China. In 2016, I managed to visit China as part of the Russian delegation. Let me remind you that the questions raised then touched upon the cooperation between our countries in the field of education. After the meeting of the heads of Russia and China, a clearly defined vector was chosen to strengthen the cooperation in the field of education. Our university, in turn, readily supports this vector, and we plan to further develop partnerships with Qiongtai Pedagogical Institute. One of the promising areas of such cooperation is to attract more participants in student exchange programs, both from the Russian and Chinese sides.”

The Chinese side also expressed their readiness to support student exchange programs, adding that in the future Hainan island will become an international open educational platform. And Russia will be one of the key countries to participate in this project.

“We are very pleased that our students have more and more opportunities to study in Russia, in Altai State University. Our university is also open to students from different countries, including in the field of education. And we would like to continue working towards establishing close cooperation between our universities. As you know, our island is located in the very south, in the tropics. Therefore, a lot of tourists from Russia come to Hainan. These are mainly residents of the northern regions, including Siberia. And it is very symbolic that students from the southern region will come to study in Altai Krai, and vice versa.”

In addition, the delegates proposed conducting exchange programs not only for students, but also for teachers in the framework of the partnership between the two universities. This will expand the possibilities, both for those who study Russian in China, and for Russian students who want to improve their knowledge of Chinese. They were also interested in ASU educational programs in the field of art, management and information technology.

At the end of the meeting, the university leadership and delegates exchanged souvenirs. So, the university’s collection was replenished with a fragment of an ancient canvas with a national ornament. It is also planned to prepare and sign agreements on the implementation of two new joint educational programs.

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