Altai State University is preparing for international conference on developmental psychology

28 August 2019 Department of Information and Media Communications
The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics of Altai State University is preparing for the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Development and Education", which will be held at the flagship university of Altai Krai on November 26–28.

The upcoming conference is aimed at consolidating the experience of scientists and practitioners working in the direction of developing theoretical, scientific, practical, psychological and pedagogical approaches in the provision of psychological assistance.

The organizing committee of the scientific forum has set several tasks:

  • Formation of professional ties and establishment of experience exchange between specialists working in the field of psychology and pedagogics.
  • Dissemination of experience in the effective implementation of psychological practices in the field of diagnosis, counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Acquaintance with modern Russian and foreign technologies in psychological diagnosis, counseling and rehabilitation.
  • Discussion of relevant processes occurring in Russian and foreign education.
  • Preparation and publication of a collection of scientific materials of the conference.

“Recently much has been said about the continuous development of the potential of an individual throughout a person’s life. Education in the 21st century sets educational technologies’ focus on "free human development", creative initiative, students’ independence and future specialists’ competitiveness. The society of any country needs citizens who are able to independently make responsible decisions in a situation of uncertainty of choice, to forecast possible consequences, capable of cooperation, characterized by mobility, dynamism, constructiveness, and a developed sense of responsibility. The effectiveness of educational technologies at all stages of human development seems possible only through interdisciplinary interaction between various fields of science exploring the mechanisms, inter- and intrapsychic conditions for the development of the human psychics,” Olga M. Lyubimova, representative of the conference organizing committee, Dean at the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics of ASU, said.

Within the framework of the conference, nine sections are planned to be organized:

  1. Cognitive, age-related and sociocultural psychology.
  2. Psychology of personality and social psychology.
  3. Scientifically based diagnostic and counseling methods in clinical psychology.
  4. Neuropsychology and psychophysiology.
  5. Quality management of teachers’ professional development.
  6. Innovative processes in Russian education.
  7. Applied psychology and pedagogics.
  8. Human resources.
  9. Clinical psychology of children and adolescents.

The conference will be held online with the possibility of discussing reports on the conference website. Conference materials will be published in a separate collection and indexed in the following databases: Web of Science (Core Collection – CPCI), CNKI and Google Scholar.

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