AltSU college volunteers take an active part in the All-Russian action We Are Together

27 April 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
The flagship Altai State University takes an active part in the implementation of the all-Russian action of mutual assistance We Are Together, aimed at helping lonely people during the coronavirus epidemic.

Among the active volunteers taking part in the action are students of the AltSU College. So, for example, 2 volunteers - Aleksey Dyachkov and Elizaveta Osipova, students of  group 3913. Aleksey organizes the work of the headquarters, which provides assistance to the elderly and people with poor health by delivering food and medicine. He manages to successfully combine the studies organized at the AltSU College in a distance form since March, and work as a volunteer. He sometimes has to send answers to assignments late at night, but he always meets the deadline.

“I cannot leave without help those who are in needt. This fulfills my need to be recognized. I feel really needed. I believe that only responsible behavior, collectivism and mutual assistance will help us win. People need to comply with the self-isolation regime. For this I work”, notes Alexey.

The AltSU College always supports all kinds of initiatives of the students, especially in volunteering. There is a volunteer squad Boomerang, whose members are also Alexei Dyachkov and Elizaveta Osipova. By the way, Elizabeth has now started sewing protective masks for orphanages so that the children of these institutions can receive primary protection against coronavirus. And there are many such activists in the AltSU College.

In Barnaul, as part of the # MEVMESTE campaign, about 300 volunteers are helping the elderly and people with limited mobility. The hotline of the action (8-800-200-3411) receives daily applications from elderly and people with limited mobility to assist in the delivery of food, medicine and essential goods. The campaign headquarters works seven days a week. Applications that arrive before 18.00 are processed on the same day. Calls received later will be processed the next day. The press center of the Barnaul Administration clarifies that since the start of the action (within 28 days), 708 applications from residents of the regional center have been processed.

Detailed information about the action is published on the portal mevmeste2020.rf. Anyone can join the volunteer community using the “Become a volunteer” button. In addition, the project collects news about good initiatives and real deeds.

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