Energy consumption in construction and housing must be efficient

24 November 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications

Professor Svetlana Lobova together with colleagues Dr. Alexander Alekseev from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia, and Dr. Alexey Bogoviz and Dr. Yulia Ragulina from the Federal Research Center of Agrarian Economy and Social Development of Rural, Areas-All Russian Research Institute of Agricultural Economics provided a critical overview of the existing federal energy efficiency policy in the construction and housing sector in Russia, focusing on the following: (i) the government management system; (ii) technological regulations; (iii) financial incentives and funding; (iv) and supporting mechanisms.

They assessed the methodology used by the Russian Government for specific monitoring of energy efficiency indicators in construction and the housing sector using statistical data obtained from the state statistical service.

The results of the analysis made it possible to formulate the following recommendations to the Government of Russia, which could become the first step for improving energy efficiency policies in the construction and housing sector: (i) provide an appropriate assessment of the energy efficiency potential; (ii) develop a comprehensive regulatory framework and implementation mechanisms aimed at increasing energy efficiency; (iii) develop a clear causal mechanism between energy efficiency policies and actual performance, which could be quantitatively measured using an appropriate methodology.

More information on the analysis carried out, you can learn in the article by Alexander N. Alekseev, Svetlana V. Lobova, Aleksei V. Bogoviz, Yulia V. Ragulina. A CRITICAL REVIEW OF RUSSIA'S ENERGY EFFICIENCY POLICIES IN THE CONSTRUCTION AND HOUSING SECTOR. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 2019, 9 (4), 166-172

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