Scientists of Altai State University, together with colleagues from abroad, investigated the problem of transforming law in the digital age

26 November 2020 Department of Information and Media Communications
The publishing house of Altai State University published a collective monograph "Transformation of Law in the Digital Age" under the scientific editorship of Director of the Law Institute of Altai State University, Doctor of Law Anton Vasilyev.

Russian and foreign legal scholars took part in the work on the book, among them Professor of Sofia University Y. Stoilov, Dean of the Faculty of Law of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Zh.I. Ibragimov, Dean of the Law Faculty of the Pomeranian Academy D. Schopper.

The book examines the theoretical foundations of the technotronic state, the impact of digitalization on the legal system, discussions on the legal personality of artificial intelligence, legal regulation of the Internet and the darknet, the legal regime of digital money, and much more.

The authors of the monograph argue that their work is one of the few in Russia that touches upon the problems of digital law and contributes to the resolution of urgent problems of legal regulation of the digital transformation of society and the state.

The work on the monograph was carried out within the framework of a university grant.

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