AltSU continues to work in foreign resource centers within the framework of the Export of Education federal project

26 November 2020 Department of International Affairs
Altai State University, as part of the consortium of leading Russian universities, continues to work on the creation and development of foreign resource centers for children and teachers, ensuring the popularization of the study of general education subjects (Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and others) at an advanced level (in Russian).

On November 24, educational programs in Biology for students and teachers of resource centers were launched on the basis of the Joint Mongolian-Russian School (Mongolia), the Secondary School of the Russian-Tajik Slavic University (Republic of Tajikistan), and the Gazprom-Kyrgyzstan School (Kyrgyz Republic).

During the Biology lecture course, teachers of the Institute of Biology and Biotechnology gave lectures to children on the most complex topics of school Biology - the root system of plants, life cycles of parasitic worms, humoral regulation of the body's activity, the environment and the adaptation of organisms to it.The pupils actively participated in the discussion of the lectures and asked many questions.

In the near future, the Winter Biological School will also start working to expand the biological horizons of students. Here, the children will learn in an interesting and exciting way to deal with modern problems of biology in the field of microbiology, biochemistry and biotechnology, biodiversity and evolution, to participate in a biological experiment and feel like real researchers.

In 2019, Altai State University, as part of the Consortium of leading Russian universities under the leadership of RUDN University, took part in the creation of 5 foreign resource centers for Russian education within the framework of the Export of Education federal project (in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Bulgaria, and Turkey). This work continues in 2020. New resource centers have been established in Moldova and Syria.
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