ASU scientists have invented the gesture-controlled videopanels

3 August 2015 Public Relations Department

ASU scientists have invented the interactive gesture-controlled videopanels that will be used instead of newsboards.

“The system has a very simple, user-friendly interface. We have developed a unique computer scheme of gestures recognition. For example, up and down, left and right arm movements”, - says Vasiliy Belozerskikh, students’ design-engineering department “Radiotechnics” representative.

Search is conducted on the terminal, a large-screen display. Then a microcomputer connected to a camera is plumbed in. The camera is pointing at the person and reads their gestures. Whereas the computer is processing the video stream and gives tasks to the terminal.

This invention must help replace the existing newsboards with new ones. The project has already been tried out and partly implemented in ASU.

“The application sphere of such panels is quite wide. Any information could be uploaded to the terminal. For instance, it could be used at a train station and show the schedule and so on. One of the major regional retailers has already shown interest in the project. So now we are planning to sign a contract”, - says Vasiliy.

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