New butterfly species were named after ASU biologists

28 September 2015 Faculty of Biology

The Brazilian academic journal “CheckList” listed in Scopus has published an article “The Cossidae (Lepidoptera) of Mongolia” by Doctor of Biological Sciences Roman V. Yakovlev. The article is about ASU expeditions to Mongolia and contains data which was obtained by Soviet, Hungarian and German scientists in times of the USSR.

“There are still a lot of places on Earth that are not researched well enough. One of them is Mongolian Altai, which is biologically diversified. We have already reached outstanding research results in this area”, - says R. Yakovlev.

23 Cossidae species were found in Mongolia, 11 of them were described as new for the science. Some of the species were named after ASU workers (Doctor of Biological Sciences A.I. Shmakov, Candidate of Biological Sciences P.Ya. Ustjuzhanin and Candidate of Biological Sciences P.A. Kosachev): Cossus shmakovi, Gobibatyr ustjuzhanini, Chingizid kosachevi.

The research of Altai biologic diversity is a strong side of ASU. ASU entomologists are going to continue their research in Mongolia in collaboration with scientists from Tajikistan and China.

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