ASU has started the discussion of Asian archeologists and ethnographers integration issues

6 October 2015 Public Relations Department

The XXI International Scientific Symposium on "The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Research" has begun its work, it is being held in ASU for the first time.

The Symposium hosts the guests from different scholar schools of Russia, Kirgizia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia and China.

"Our colleagues from Donetsk Museum of Local History were planning to take part in the Symposium. We have been cooperating for a very long time already. It is an outstanding museum with a big archeological department. Unfortunately, it was partly damaged by bombing, so the workers have to preserve the intact exhibit items at the moment. There are also some financial problems that prevented them from coming", - said ASU Vice-Rector for Science and Innovative Development, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Alexey A. Tishkin.

One of the central issues of the Symposium is the development of archeological and ethnographic research integration methods. This initiative had come from the founder of the Omsk scholar school, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Nikolai A. Tomilov, who is also a Chiarman of the XXI International Symposium.

"Back in 1993 "The Integration of Archaeological and Ethnographic Research" was just a seminar at the premises of Omsk State University, but it has become an International Symposium in 2007, - stated Nikolay A. Tomilov in his welcome speech. - It is essential for us to work together so that archeologists could get to the roots of the ethnographic research and ethnographers would be able to excavate and study the archeological material in cooperation with archeologists from their own point of view. The result is getting new information in such fields as history, culture, society, historical processes in whole".

Altai State University has not become a discussion site by coincidence – it has a solid base for solving these kinds of problems.

"One of the main objectives of the event is to establish a strong relationship between the Russian and foreign scientists. It is not only about the information exchange but also about cooperative expeditions, projects, using same scientific methods and holding the events like this Symposium. First of all, we are going to deal with the issues concerning the Siberian scientists consolidation ", - pointed out Alexey A. Tishkin.

Several Symposium points were dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of the famous archeologist, ethnographer and historian S.I. Roudenko. He was a strong supporter of archeologists, ethnographers and anthropologists integration. The Symposium participants are going to exchange their experience in using the scientific methods of archeological and ethnographic research.

The work of the Symposium will last one more day. It will be opened from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm on October 7. On October 8 the participants are visiting the Bianki Biysk Museum of Local History, Anokhin National Museum in Gorno-Altaisk and some other archeological sights of Altai Krai.

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