ASU scientists set individual diet recommendations with the help of genetic tests

7 October 2015 Public Relations Department

The ASU Bioengineering Laboratory scientists unveil a new kind of service, remote genetic testing, at the Altai Science Festival 2015.

The main idea of the service is to collect the epithelial cells samples from the individuals' mouths in order to detect their genetic traits.

"An individual makes a request and we send them a pack for the self-collecting of genetic material, which contains an envelope with a cotton bud and a list of guidelines. Then we purify the DNA from the cells on the bud and analyze them by a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method. After drawing up a report, we send it to the client via e-mail and Russian Post," clarified Head of the Laboratory, Candidate of Biological Sciences Maksim G. Kutsev.

Currently, there are three kinds of test in the ASU Bioengineering Laboratory. The first one is a so called DNA-diet, which helps to detect whether an individual is inclined to corpulence or not. The scientists set the diet recommendations, required physical load for the fast weight reduction on the base of this test.

The second test is connected to sports genetics. It can help to detect the individual's inclination to the particular kinds of sports.

"It is well known that some people are tougher, others are more successful at high-speed kinds of sports. It partly depends on the muscular system traits, susceptibility to the continuous load," said Maksim G. Kutsev.

The third kind of test is meant for detection of the individual's sexuality, their behavior peculiarities.

“We are presenting all three kinds of genetic tests at the Festival. The audience will see how to collect the DNA samples at home properly. The test itself along with the results determination takes about two hours. We have been using the particular DNA markers so far, but in future we are planning to widen the range of tests available. In the United States and the European countries it has been a common type of service for more than 10 years already, but in Russia it is still quite new," Kutsev added.

More information concerning the genetic tests can be found at the web-site "Your personal genetic consultant". The cost of one test is 1500 roubles (about 25 USD). The cost of such test in Novosibirsk is around 5000 roubles (85 USD), in the USA and Europe - around 100 USD.

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