Sergey Zheleznyak held the first workshop venue at the frame of the Central Asian Youth Leadership Summit

8 October 2015 Public Relations Department

On October 8 the meeting of the Central Asian Youth Leadership Summit participants and Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Sergey V. Zheleznyak took place in Altai State University.

While delivering the speech at the offsite Youth Parliament meeting under the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Sergey Zheleznyak mentioned the high relevance and timeliness of the Summit as a way of international humanitarian collaboration and cooperative negotiation of the occurring problems.

"Obviously, the majority of the problems cannot be solved by one country or even a group of them, so it is vital to join the whole world's efforts, and the project will not be effective and long-term without the youth involved,” said Vice-Chairman. “We understand that there were a lot of misconceptions after the Soviet Union break-up, including those of the other countries, and that is why we are grateful to the youth leaders, who had come here from 13 foreign countries, for joining the modern youth problems discussion. They are almost the same in every country, and together we can set the mechanisms of the mutual cooperation, youth programs and projects. I believe the representatives of the Russian regions will be able to find new friends and fellows for developing the public diplomacy and international youth projects."

The other speakers of the event were Chairman of Altai Legislative Assembly Ivan I. Loor, Chairman of the State Duma Youth Parliament Natalia S. Kuvshinova and Chairman of the Altai Universities' Rectors Council, ASU Rector, President of Asian Universities Association Sergey V. Zemlyukov. Co-Chairman of the Russian Union of Student Organization Presidium, Head of the Department of Extracirricular and Educational Work Anton A. Tselevitch was coordinating the meeting.

"Altai State University is keeping the best traditions of international cooperation and is always hospitable to foreign countries representatives,” said ASU Rector in his welcoming speech. “The Summit, which is being held in ASU now, provides you – its participants – with the opportunity of listening to the best experts; acquire the communication and transnational thinking skills, while dealing with foreign students. Your work at the Summit is starting today with a milestone event – leading parliamentary experts of Russia and Altai meeting: Sergey V. Zheleznyak and Ivan I. Loor."

Ivan I. Loor began his declaration with a welcoming message in behalf of Altai Region Legislative Assembly deputies:

"Altai Region is a multinational territory, where more than 100 ethnic groups live. But we have never had inter-ethnic conflicts, because we solve the occurring problems and discuss them at the corresponding events. Personal communication, negotiations and discussions play a major role in this case. Today, you are not only the representatives of your regions and countries, you are the public diplomats. Despite the Soviet Union break-up, we maintain the friendly relationship with neighboring countries that are also the former Soviet Republics, establish new contacts and business groups on the youth organizations level. In fact, Altai Krai is a gate to Central Asia, and that is exactly why we have gathered you for such an important event, the Central Asian Youth Leadership Summit.”

The speakers of the event have mentioned the fact that the young people, participating in international events, should look for the ways of getting rid of delusions and mistakes the older generation causes, seek the new collaborative potential, because it is only possible to deal with the existing problems together.

The representatives of Russia, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan were asking a lot of questions during the meeting concerning such hot topics as the Russian language popularization in the former Soviet republics and Central Asian countries, the decreasing number of the state-funded places at humanitarian specialities, the cyber wars, the migration legislation, etc.

It must be reminded, that ASU is hosting two major international events from October 9 to October 14 - the Central Asian Youth Leadership Summit and the International School for Young Scientists "Altai-Asia".

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