ASU Religious Studies Scholars Winners in the International Competition

6 October 2015 Faculty of Mass Communication, Philology and Political Science

The results of the International Best Scientific Book in Liberal Arts - 2015 Competition were released on October 1. The Competition was held by Vyatka State University of Humanities and Autonomous Non-Profit Organization of Supplementary Vocational Education "Trans-regional Center of Innovative Technologies in Education".

More than 400 monographs on liberal arts and social science were submitted to the competition. The winner of The Best Academic Publication on History, Archeology and Ethnography Award was the team lead by Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Petr K. Dashkovskiy who presented a monograph "Religious Landscape of Western Siberia and Cross-Border Regions of Central Asia from Late Antiquity to the Beginning of XX Century". The authoring team, besides professor Daskovskiy, consisted of the academic staff members from science and educational institutions of Barnaul, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tyumen: Yu.M. Goncharov, A.M. Adamenko, E.A. Shershneva, M.V. Kashchaeva, I.A. Meikshan, V.N. Ilyin, L.I.Sherstova, T.G. Nedzelyuk, A.P. Yarkov who are engaged in the research work in the area of ethno-confessional processes in the cross-border regions of Western Siberia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.

The pre-publishing and publishing of the monographs were conducted as part of the work of the Ethno-cultural and Religious Research Laboratory and implementation of the international RGNF- MECS (Mongolia) "Ethno-cultural and Political Processes as Factors of Historical Dynamics of Religious Situation in Cross-Border Regions of Western Siberia and Western Mongolia" grant. (Project № 13-21-03001a/G)

We congratulate our colleagues on their victory and wish them continued success towards new scientific discoveries and advances in science.

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