Early cancer detection algorithm developed in ASU has become the best project at IT-Forum – 2015

15 October 2015 Public Relations Department

Winners of “The Best Altai IT Projects – 2015” Competition were announced at the VIII Altai Regional IT-Forum on October 15.

The 1st place in the Best Project in Social and Cultural Sphere category was acquired by ASU team, which had presented the project called “Information System for Early Cancer Detection” – a software program developed in the framework of immunosignature technology at ASU Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center.

The project was developed by ASU Faculty of Mathematics and IT postgraduate student D.S. Anisimov; the Anti-Cancer Center employees S.V. Podlesnykh and E.A. Kolosova; Chief Physician of Altai Regional Oncologic Dispensary, Honoured Doctor of Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.F. Lazarev; Anti-Cancer Center executive director, Candidate of Biological Sciences A.I. Shapoval; head of ASU IT Department M.A. Ryazanov.

“Our main objective was to develop a computer, mathematical algorithm, which will help to single out, figuratively speaking, 100,000 peptides responsible for the particular disease from total 300,000 active cells on a chip. For example, we are currently testing the system for breast cancer detection,” explained software lead developer, ASU Faculty of Mathematics and IT postgraduate student Daniil Anisimov.

“The technology is a breakthrough for Russia. Altai State University is developing the specialists training programs, conducting scientific research in cancer detection area in collaboration with the University of Arizona and Altai Regional Cancer Center. The mathematical algorithm presented by young ASU scientists is one more successful step in Altai and American scientists joint work,” said Head of ASU IT Department Mikhail A. Ryazanov.

The immunosignature technology was invented by American professor Stephan Johnston and his colleagues at Innovative Medicine Center in the University of Arizona (the USA). The Russian-American Anti-Cancer Center Foundation Memorandum was signed in June 2013 by the University of Arizona scientists on the American side and the scientists and experts of Altai State University, Altai State Medical University, Nadezhda Regional Cancer Center, SB RAS Institute for Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine on the Russian side.
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