ASU students are reenacting the Golden Horde Battle

6 October 2015 Public Relations Department

In the framework of the Altai Science Festival – 2015, the ASU is organizing a grand-scale historical fencing tournament.

The audience will see the battle of the Golden Horde (late XIII - early XIV centuries) period.

“We are going to show a small theatrical performance that will include the battle between the Russian and Tartar-Mongolian warriors”, explains one of the organizers of the event, ASU Faculty of History master’s student Angelina V. Yurevitch, "it will depict a Tartar-Mongolian attack on a Russian settlement, a scene of taking women and children into captivity, and of course, their liberation and victory of the Russian warriors over the foreign invaders."

The main objective of the event is popularization of science through the reenactment of historical events. With this visual demonstration, the ASU students intend to foster the schoolchildren’s interest in studying the history of their own country, archeology, ethnography and history in general.

"Children and young people coming to our reenactment shows do not just watch the show; they start exploring and taking interest in the details, become captivated by stories about the features of life in a particular era. This is how the real interest in history arises", notes Angelina Yurevitch.

The spectators will not only be able to touch and look at the warriors' garments, but also try on the medieval costumes. Moreover, everyone, including children will have a chance to take part in a soft sword duel and defeat a real knight.

The decision to hold a joint Science Festival was taken at a meeting of the Council of Rectors of Altai Higher Educational Institutions, which took place on October 22, 2014. The initiative of holding the event on a common to all Altai Higher Educational Institutions site was endorsed by Altai Region Governor Alexander B. Karlin. As a result, the collaborative Altai Science Festival - 2015 was organized and held at the V.S. Zolotuhin Youth Theatre.
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