ASU Migrants Testing Center offers a new service – free of charge tutorials

9 November 2015 Public Relations Department

ASU Migrants Testing Center starts conducting a series of lectures and tutorials on complex testing in Russian language, Russian history and fundamentals of legislation for foreign citizens from November 10.

In 2015 alone, around 1,500 foreigners passed the test successfully and received state-approved certificates of Russian language proficiency at ASU Migrants Testing Center.

“The authority of ASU Migrants Testing Center is confirmed by the fact that it is the only branch of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute – higher education establishment that has been teaching foreign citizens for more than 50 years. 80% of test-takers of our center pass the exams successfully, and those who don’t pass can resit on a preferential basis. In order to increase the percentage of successful examinations we decided to organize free of charge tutorials,” states the dean of Faculty of Mass Communications, Philology and Political Science of ASU Sergey A. Manskov.

Now the foreign citizens willing to pass the exam and get a certificate have an opportunity to attend free tutorials and lectures to prepare for the examination at ASU Migrants Testing Center in the following directions: getting labor permit or patent; getting temporary residence permit; getting permanent residence permit; for getting Russian citizenship; all the abovementioned directions.


Address: 656043, Russia, Barnaul, Anatoliya Street 122, Room 12
Tel.: +7 (3852) 529-533
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