ASU won two governmental mega-grants for biotechnological projects realization

6 November 2015 Public Relations Department

Altai State University has won the mega-grants competition organized in the framework of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 218 “On the measures of state support of the development of cooperation between Russian higher education establishments and firms that realize complex projects for high-technology production”.

In 2015 ASU and its partner enterprise CJSC Pressure-reducing Desuperheating Stations applied for the competition in the framework of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 218. According to the application, a project for dairy industry waste conversion through a biotechnological method with getting the feed supplement for livestock animals is planned to be implemented. Among the 53 other projects of the Russian leading universities, ASU project was supported by the Government of the Russian Federation. ASU will get 170m rubles within 3 years (50m rubles the first year, 60m rubles the second year and 60m rubles the third year) for the purpose of project implementation.

“By winning the competition we continued developing biotechnologies in Altai State University, which implies the opening and work of bioengineering laboratory, Applied Biotechnology Center, Prombiotech engineering center in the best interests of agricultural production and processing,” stressed ASU Rector Sergey V. Zemlyukov.

Furthermore, Altai State University in cooperation with Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences and CJSC Altaivitaminy will participate in the implementation of the project for the creation of high-technology production of antiasthmatic drug salbutamol in a spray form on the base of enantiometrically pure, micronized substance that is made with supercritical fluid technologies. This project, where ASU is acting as a co-contractor, won the competition in the framework of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 218 as well. ASU share in the budget of the project for salbutamol creation accounts for 38m rubles.

“This project is a part of the complex of scientific and educational programs on biomedicine and biotechnologies that are being currently developed in ASU on the premises of ASU Scientific and Research Institute of Biomedicine, Faculties of Biology and Chemistry. As a result, our University is becoming one of the few centers beyond the Urals that is competent in training of specialists, developing research projects and innovative biotechnological products,” said Sergey V. Zemlyukov.

In three recent months Altai State University has won all the possible science and research grants and competitions in the total amount of 500m rubles, thus ensuring the implementation of the programs on scientific research in the interests of Altai Krai development in 2016-2018. They include: Prombiotech engineering center for the development of biotechnologies establishment project; the development of import-substituting agricultural products in the framework of the Federal Targeted Program “Research and Development of the Priority Directions of Russian Scientific and Technical Complex Development in 2014-2020”; the foundation of the first in Russia youth innovative creativity center in biomedical technologies supported by Altai Krai Administration.
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