ASU scientists have started developing the import-substituting products of new generation for the animal farming purposes

18 November 2015 Public Relations Department

Altai State University has won the competition of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the framework of Federal Grant Program “Research and Developments in Priority Science and Technical Areas in Russia for 2014-2020”.

Acting as a prime contractor, ASU will get 187.5m rubles for the development of the manufacturing technology of the import-substituting products: feed antibiotic and bio-conservative for the animal farming purposes using the available Russian raw materials.

“In the framework of this Federal Grant Program ASU scientists should develop two products and master the manufacturing technology till it gets to experimental and industrial level,” said Prombiotech engineering center director Nadezhda V. Orlova. “Our objective is to implement this project before 2018, from mastering the manufacturing regulations and technologies to preparing the resulting regulations that we will be able to apply to the manufacturing process.”

Altai State University has already started the research work on the project in developing the feed antibiotic of new generation (analogue of one of the world’s innovative products) and bio-conservative (silage ferment) for animal farming purposes.

“We have a clear idea of what these products and manufacturing technology should be, because our goal is to develop quality import-substituting goods,” stressed Nadezhda V. Orlova. “Unfortunately, at the present moment the share of imported products used in Russian agriculture is around 80-90%. Its price has doubled due to the increase of exchange-rate for dollar and euro, so there appears an urgent need in Russian analogues. Thus, we’ve got an opportunity to put out a good product under the favourable market conditions.”

The co-contractors of this project are Altai State Agricultural University, two innovative biotechnological enterprises and an industrial partner.

In the recent 3 months Altai State University has won all possible scientific and research grants and competitions accounting for more than 500m rubles, providing the implementation of science and research programs in the interests of Altai Krai development in 2016-2018. Among them are two governmental mega grants for biotechnological projects realization; the project in establishing the Prombiotech engineering center of innovative creativity in biomedical technologies on the ASU premises; establishment of the first in Russia youth innovative creativity center in biomedical technologies, which was supported by Altai Krai Administration.
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