Exchange education – popular form of academic cooperation

18 November 2015 IIEMIS Department of Academic Mobility and International Programs

Following the establishment of the SCO University, exchange education has become one of the areas of cooperation between higher education institutions. It involves training at any partner SCO University during 1 or 2 academic semesters with a subsequent recognition of credits for the courses taken at a host university. This direction is becoming particularly relevant taking into account strengthening connections between Russia and the SCO countries, as well as accessibility of education (the program is tuition free).

The students of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems first tried this format of education in spring 2015 at one of the best universities of Kazakhstan, Turar Ryskulov New Economic University, Almaty. The young people liked everything – climate, housing conditions, education system, friendly students, highly-qualified academic staff and high organizational level of the international service.

Thanks to our “pioneers” (this is how the IIEMIS students were called at Turar Ryskulov New Economic University), the collaboration between our universities has become sustainable. Thus, three more economics students went to Turar Ryskulov New Economic University to participate in the exchange education program. In turn, IIEMIS is hosting four students of the partner-university for the first time this semester.

Furthermore, three other students went to attend exchange education program at the major Kazakhstan higher education establishment, L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University, Astana. We hope that this form of education will be popular among our students.

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