Faculty of Geography student Andrey Kuzmin is a world champion

19 November 2015 Faculty of Geography Press Office
On October 28 IPC Athletics World Championship was held in Doha, Qatar. ASU Faculty of Geography student Andrey Kuzmin took part in it as a part of Russian team and showed decent results. Andrey made time to tell us about the championship.

– Andrey! Congratulations with the participation in such large-scale competition and the deserved win! Was that your first World Championship?

– Thank you very much! It is a pleasure for me that you keep on top of my competitions. It was my first time at a World Championship, but my first international competition was an open championship in Grosseto, Italy in May 2014.

– What are the World Championship results?

– At the championship in Doha I took the 4th place in men’s 100m, the 6th place in men’s 200m and the 1st place in men’s 4x100m.

– Did you feel any anxiety over the competition?

–There were no serious anxious feelings, but what I do have is excitement. I always feel excited, even if it’s just a regional competition.

– What do you feel when you understand it’s not just a competition, but a World Championship?

When I set my foot on the track I felt that it was a great honour to represent our nation at the global level.

– What do you think about while running?

– I think about the joint work of my body parts, taking control of my movements. It’s a sprint, everything plays an important role in it: start reaction, acceleration, keeping the maximum speed, finish. You must do everything perfectly.

– Who supports you at the competitions?

– My coach Sergey I. Manuilov does. He gives me instructions and important recommendations that always help me. My team-mates also support me.

– For how long have you been practicing athletics?

– I’ve been practicing since January 2013, for almost 3 years.

– What are your plans for the near future?

– My further plans are to get ready for the main competition of 2016 – the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Andrey, we thank you for everything you do and wish you more accomplishments, wins and gold medals!

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