Faculty of Biology carries out a project under United Nations Development Program support

21 November 2015 Faculty of Biology

“Development of Industrial Ecologic Monitoring Procedure Using the Parameters of Plants’ Physiological Response to Stress-Factors (for Collieries)” project, which is carried out under UNDP support, is being conducted at the Faculty of Biology under the supervision of its dean, Doctor of Biology, Professor Marina M. Silantyeva.

The distinguishing feature of the operations conducted in the framework of the project is that they are based on the most up-to-date methods of plants’ physiology research – spectrophotometry, PAM-fluorometry, photosynthetic gaseous interchange analysis. The project’s relevance is proved by the necessity of plants’ biodiversity preservation within the territory of the unique natural complex of Kemerovo Oblast – Karakansky Ridge.

In 2012 the Karakansky wildlife sanctuary was founded; its entire territory covers 1.115 thousand ha. Its purpose is to restore and preserve the biodiversity of Karakansky Ridge. The sanctuary is a home to 25 animal species and 12 plants species listed in the Kemerovo Oblast Red Book; among them there are 11 animal species and 5 plant species included to the Russian Federation Red Book. The main threat to the biodiversity of Karakansky state wildlife sanctuary is man-made impact. Stripping works during mining operations cause heavy dust pollution as a result of existing blasting technologies.

“Key (model) plants’ state monitoring on the physiological level under the influence of stress-factors is conducted with up-to-date (certified to international standards) equipment of Geosphere and Biosphere Processes Monitoring Laboratory and Agrobiology and Agroecology Laboratory in several steps. The project’s outcome will be the development and implementation of methodological recommendations for industrial ecologic monitoring realization using the parameters of plants’ physiological response to stress-factors for collieries working in the area of Karakansky wildlife sanctuary. We are going to publish not less than 3 articles on the research topic, which will be published in academic journals with high ratings,” says Faculty of Biology postgraduate student Anna Grebennikova.

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