Altai pupils have learned about Faculty of Arts traditions

2 May 2016 Faculty of Arts

On 26 April 2016 the pupils of Altai Children General Education Center visited the Faculty of Arts. They are the members of the Skilled Hand hobby club, which is supervised by 5th year student, majoring in History of Arts, Angela Koshevaya. The children’s wish to see Faculty of Arts expositions has not been a coincidence. Angela tells her pupils a lot about the faculty’s traditions, including the scholar school of Doctor of Arts Tamara M. Stepanskaya. They are embodied in special visual aids, as a real work of art teaches perception, contemplation and true values formation. Therefore, the wish to go for a sightseeing tour was formed by the hobby club supervisor.

“I inform my pupils about the art exhibitions taking place at the Faculty of Arts in general and in Universum gallery in particular. Moreover, I tell them about the “Light of Art” series of lectures by T.M. Stepanskaya and cultural events organized by our faculty and Altai State University,” says Angela Koshevaya.

The children observed the expositions with a great interest. First they were told about the history of ASU art gallery near Museum of Altai Archaeology and Ethnography. Then they visited the student’s works exhibition that was prepared in the framework of Drawing and Painting courses. Further, they were shown the drawing and painting room created according to designer students’ project. But the children were mostly amused by the Universum gallery. The first floor of the gallery exposes the pottery ware made by Faculty of Arts alumnus, Altai honoured craftsman Vitaly Gychev. At the second floor the pupils met Faculty of Arts master’s degree student Natalia Zabrodina, who conducts excursions around Barnaul and the gallery expositions. That time Natalia showed "Waltz of Colours" exhibition by Faculty of Arts lecturers N.V. Grechneva and V.I. Bochkovskaya to the pupils. The children were impressed by the excursion and made a lot of commemorative photos.

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