Faculty of Sociology students learned about the 20th century wars

5 May 2016 Faculty of Sociology

In advance of the 71st anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, Faculty of Sociology decided to conduct a number of event aimed at forming students’ sense of patriotism and respect for the native country. Thus, on 4 May 2016 the future sociologists went on an excursion to ASU museum exhibition about the 20th century wars.

The main objective of the exhibition is restoring the historical memory of wars. Our students were lucky to personally see the display items that carry the hard wartime years’ history lived by our grandparents. The exhibit items include the firearms replicas, military uniform, soldiers’ personal possessions and so on.

The students attended the lecture on Russo-Japanese War, the First and the Second World Wars. The burden of the period is beyond words, but assistant professor of the Department of General Sociology Anatoly N. Domashev and director of ASU Museum Genrikas Leono Nehvedavichus managed to tell the students about the wartime events and heroes.

Such events are very important not only for students, but also for all Russian people. A modern person is required to know their history, understand the sufferings of their ancestors, remember and honour the veterans. There is no difficulty in it, although it carries the deepest values.

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