ASU scientist took part in international meeting of media-linguists

16 September 2016 Department of General and Applied Philology, Literature and Russian Language

The First International Conference “Language in the Coordinates of the Mass Media” took place in Bulgaria on 6–9 September 2016. The event was organized by Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen, School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Saint-Petersburg State University and Medialinguistic Commission under the International Committee of Slavists.

The conference participants included specialists in the Russian language from Bulgaria, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Austria, Turkey and other countries. They discussed the current state and future of research dedicated to functioning of the Slavic languages in mass media. Researchers’ attention was focused on issues concerning special aspects of media texts functioning, methods of their linguistic expert analysis, usage of media texts in education and so on. The discussion was carried out in the course of 9 panel sessions and plenary meetings.

Head of the Department of General and Applied Philology, Literature and Russian Language Tatiana V. Chernyshova was among the conference participants. She delivered a report on methodic and juridical linguistic aspects of media texts functioning. One of the outcomes of the trip was establishment of scientific contacts with Bulgarian colleagues from the Laboratory of Applied Linguistics at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen – director of the laboratory, Associate Professor Dimitar Dimitrov Popov and Associate Professor of the Department of Bulgarian Language Velka Popova.

The participants of the international conference highly appreciated the relevance and promising outlook of the raised topics, noted the perfect organization of the workshops and plenary meetings, unforgettable informal gathering, wonderful excursions held by highly-qualified guides, expressed their gratitude to Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen in the person of program committee chairman Dimitar Dimitrov Popov, organization committee chairman Velka Popova, program committee co-chairman, head of the Department of Speech Communication at Saint-Petersburg State University, Professor Lilia R. Duskaeva and other members of the program committee.

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