Young scientists will discuss ecological problems of Asia at ASU

15 April 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
On 20 April 2017 Altai State University will hold Ecological Problems of Asia student conference in the framework of Youth Science Days 2017. Youth Science Days 2017 is an academic forum that will be carried out on 20–28 April 2017.

The conference dedicated to the Year of Ecology in Russia has been initiated and organized by the Faculty of Biology. Biologists of Altai State University are going to discuss ecological state of the environment and consider possibility of students’ participation in nature conservation activities.

“Not only ecologists will take part in the conference. Botanists, physiologists, zoologists and geographers are also planning to deliver their reports, because ecology is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge,” noted one of the conference organizers, Assistant Professor at the Department of Zoology and Physiology under the Faculty of Biology, Candidate of Biology T.V. Antonenko. “While organizing the conference, we intended to combine all the ecological studies of Altai State University and Faculty of Biology. We have such research directions as ecological physiology, ecological zoology, ecological botany, but we have no general vision of the problem. Thus, the conference is aimed at showing different sides of ecology as part of the whole. Moreover, all of us are parts of this science about environment.”

Professors of ASU Faculty of Biology will present the plenary reports concerning the key problems of modern ecology and methods of solution, endangered plant and animal species of Altai Krai, etc.

Students of Altai State University will cover the following topics: restructuring of Altai ribbon forests (through the example of Barnaul ribbon forest); diversity of Altai Krai geosystems; wood-attacking fungi in the Upper Ob River area; ecological aspects of Amur tiger in captivity; fauna and ecology of ladybirds in Tigirekskiy Nature Reserve; etc.

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