Foreign ecologists and regional studies specialists received certificates of SCO University at ASU

26 April 2017 Department of Information and Media Communication
On 19 April 2017 students from Kyrgyzstan received their certificates of Shanghai Cooperation Organization University (SCO University) at Altai State University.

SCO University certificates were delivered to master’s degree students of K.I. Skryabin Kyrgyz National Agrarian University majoring in ecology and master’s degree students of Jusup Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University majoring in regional studies.

Kyrgyz National Agrarian University (KNAU) has been a long-standing partner of Altai State University. From 6 to 8 students come from KNAU to the Faculty of Geography at ASU every year in the framework of SCO University Program in order to take a training  course in ecology. Kyrgyz National University (KNU) annually sends its students to the Faculty of History at ASU to be trained in regional studies.

“Member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization are willing to expand ties and enhance collaboration in education. Creation of SCO University encourages growth of relations between higher education establishments of Central Asia, promotes shaping of intercultural communicative base and helps to develop higher education in Eurasian countries,” explained Head of International Affairs Department A.Yu. Rezinkin. “SCO University certificates are special documents of a standard form, which is acknowledged by all higher education establishments that compose SCO University. Certificate serves as a confirmation of the fact that students have completed a part of networking education program in regional studies or ecology. The course results will be accepted at their home universities. Moreover, SCO University certificate allows the students to continue their training at any establishment participating in SCO University program and get two higher education diplomas.”

Dean of the Faculty of Geography N.I. Bykov appreciated spacious mind and responsible attitude towards education of Kyrgyz students, who highly estimate the opportunity to undergo training in a foreign country. According to Nikolay I. Bykov, they managed not only to acquire the necessary knowledge and learn industry-specific terminology, but also start speaking Russian fluently.

Master’s degree students from Kyrgyzstan expressed their gratitude to Altai State University, Faculty of Geography, Faculty of History and all the lecturers for their hard work, knowledge and kind-heartedness. They promised to continue developing and strengthening cooperative relations between Russian and Kyrgyz students.

The mission of Shanghai Cooperation Organization University lies in coordinated training of highly-qualified employees in accordance with approved innovative educational programs in areas that appear to be high-priority for member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in terms of economic and social growth. SCO University functions as a network of existing universities located in member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Students, who receive training in the framework of SCO University program, can continue their education in a foreign university that realizes the program. Currently, SCO University realizes master’s degree educational programs in such areas as Regional Studies, Ecology, Information Technologies, Nanotechnologies, and Power Engineering. Altai State University participates in SCO University program and provides joint educational programs in Economics, Ecology, Regional Studies, Information Technologies, and Pedagogics and Psychology.
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