ASU scientists discussed the opportunities for joint work with colleagues from Iraq

10 May 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications

Professor of the Department of Ecology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology at Altai State University, Doctor of Biology Roman V. Yakovlev and postgraduate student of the Faculty of Biology Alexander A. Fomichev visited one of the youngest universities of Iraq located in Zakho in the framework of their expedition.

Currently, the University of Zakho appears to be a large cluster of administrative buildings and dormitories. It is planning to build a stadium and several big laboratories in the next 5 years. All these projects were demonstrated to employees of Altai State University.

“Vice President for Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Studies Yaseen Taha Mustafa devoted much time to us. He was interested in activities carried out by Altai State University and paid great attention to our research of biological diversity. Dean of the Faculty of Science Maher Khalid Ali and Head of the Department of Biology Wijdan Mohammad Salih Mero gave us a tour around laboratories of the university. Particularly, Ms. Mero, who got her PhD in Biology in Dublin, told us that the University of Zakho actively studies crop pests. We reached absolute understanding in terms of possible options for joint work and discussed such topics as biodiversity, biotechnologies, and anticancer programs. At the end of the meeting Ms. Mero presented us with an interesting monograph dedicated to agriculturally important insects of Kurdistan,” said Roman V. Yakovlev. “Director of General Registration Affairs Sanya Jabar Abuzeid showed genuine interest in philological programs of Altai State University. Due to the current situation, our colleagues in Iraq are disconnected from the world, but they are willing to establish contacts with the universities of Russia and express their positive attitude towards our country. We decided to visit the University of Zakho despite the fact that deadly was is currently going on in Iraq, and it has become a pleasant surprise for the university employees.”

Over 5,000 students study at the University of Zakho. The university consists of several units: the Faculty of Science, the School of Arts, the Faculty of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Administration and Economics, and the Faculty of Education. University laboratories are fitted with up-to-date equipment, while the whole university appears to have modern infrastructure of new buildings.

It is to be noted that entomologists of Altai State University are currently studying biological diversity of Iraq, one of the most understudied countries of Eurasia. They are planning to conduct research of 4–5 sites on the borders with Syria, Iran and Turkey.

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