60 nestlings of endangered falcon hatched at ASU Rare Birds Nursery

18 May 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
“Altai Falcon” Rare Birds Nursery under Altai State University celebrates the success. 20 falcon couples have laid eggs.

Director of the nursery Victor N. Plotnikov said that around 60 newly hatched falcon chicks have already come into the world. Specialists of Altai Falcon take care of the nestlings for 6–8 days and then place them to their parents, who have been brooding upon fake eggs. 50 chicks have already been returned to their parents.

“Sometimes adult birds show aggression to their hatchlings, so we closely monitor the falcons and watch that they feed the chicks at the right time and warm them. Nevertheless, not all of the nestlings survive,” Victor N. Plotnikov explained.

Currently, “Altai Falcon” Rare Birds Nursery has over 60 saker falcons, peregrine falcons, several owl species (Ural owl, Eurasian eagle-owl, long-eared owl, short-eared owl, Eurasian pygmy owl, and little owl), eagles and kites.

“We often organize excursion not only for students of ASU Faculty of Biology, but also for pupils. This is our way to cultivate the respect for nature in young people. We solve ecological problems and carry out active educational work,” director of the nursery noted.

It remains to be added that Altai Falcon is one of the leading rare bird nurseries in Russia. It was founded in 1991. Young falcons that hatched in 2017 belong to the 23rd generation of endangered falcons bred by the specialists of the nursery.

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