ASU scientists reviewed new species of Deserticossus

15 June 2017 Faculty of Biology
Scientists of ASU Faculty of Biology discovered a new species of Deserticossus and named it after Doctor of Biology, Professor Rudolf V. Kamelin (1938–2016). He was a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Head of the Department for Herbarium of Higher Plants under Botanic Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and lecturer at the Department of Botany of Altai State University.

Biologists of Altai State University revised three new species of Deserticossus, one of which was named Deserticossus kamelini. It was discovered in the vicinity of Osh, a city in Kyrgyzstan. The information about the species was presented in Zootaxa journal (Yakovlev R.V., Witt Th. 2017. Three new species and one new subspecies of Deserticossus Yakovlev, 2006 (Lepidoptera: Cossidae) from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia, with world catalogue of the genus // Zootaxa 4269 (3): 379–395).

Author of the article, Doctor of Biology, Professor Roman V. Yakovlev noted:

“I got acquainted with Rudolf V. Kamelin in spring of 1999, and this acquaintance had changed my life completely. He was a unique, intelligent person. His knowledge was beyond biology. It covered different surprising spheres such as poetry, art, cookery, ethnography, history, foreign languages and music. He was a tireless traveler and a brilliant teacher. He was an ideal example for me as a zoologist. As for botanists, they are indebted to Kamelin for his participation in creation of botanic school of thought at Altai State University. Rudolf V. Kamelin was my opponent, when I was defending my doctoral thesis. Dissertation committee, which consisted of eminent zoologists, were amazed by profundity of his comment. He was an outstanding expert in Central Asia and carried on traditions set by natural scientists of the past: Nikolay Przhevalsky, Pyotr Kozlov, Vsevolod Roborovsky, and others. We also try to follow these great personalities of Russian traditional biological school.”

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