The role of BRICS in modern international relations was discussed at ASU

26 June 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications

Panel discussion on the role of BRICS in modern international relations has become one of the first events of the Summer Academy of BRICS Youth Assembly, which started on 23 June 2017 at flagship Altai State University.

Speakers of the event included experts of the Academy: counselor of the National Committee for BRICS Research Valeria O. Gorbacheva and consultant of PIR Center Adlan R. Margoyev. According to them, the topic for the panel discussion was chosen to be so broad on purpose in order to consider as many issues in different fields of BRICS activity as possible.

Thus, Valeria O. Gorbacheva dedicated her report to the role of BRICS in global management. She showed the audience figures and facts about the organization, touched upon the mechanisms and scenarios for its development, dwelled on the importance of political, economic and humanitarian cooperation between the five participating countries and the necessity of their dialogue with developing countries. In the course of the speech, the expert communicated with the audience actively and asked the participants a lot of questions. It is to be noted that the attendees demonstrated their knowledge and competence, as they were able to answer the majority of the questions.

Further the floor was turned to Adlan R. Margoyev. He drew the participants’ attention to the problems of international safety. In particular, he elaborated on such areas as terrorism, cyber and informational security, atomic engineering, nuclear security and space. BRICS countries’ initiatives towards international community regarding the solution to these problems attracted the participants’ strong interest.

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