ASU organizes archaeological excavations of an ancient necropolis for international students

22 March 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Scientists and students from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will take part in Salair archaeological expedition organized by Altai State University.

The expedition, which will host students and teachers, is organized jointly with Kemerovo State University. Archaeologists have been working on the development of the Chumysh-Perekat monument on the territory of Zalesovsky District for more than five years. This is an ancient necropolis, where scientists have found five different burial grounds so far.

According to the scientists, people used to arrange burials on this territory in different historical periods: from the Neolithic age dated 6 millennium BC to the early Middle Ages dated VII–VIII century of our era.

Presumably, the expedition will host several delegations from countries that participate in the project including about 30 students and scientific advisors each. Invited experts will conduct classes for the students and tell them about the latest developments and achievements.

The expedition is planned for the period from July 25 to August 15.

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