ASU scientists created electronic assistant for agrarians of Altai Krai

18 April 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
The scientists of Altai State University have developed a computer program to manage an agricultural enterprise.

This is an interactive map on which you can allocate land plots, enter information about the owners, terms and rental cost. In the future, the scientists plan to install moisture and temperature sensors on the fields, collect data on planted crops and fertilizers. All this information will be available to farmers in real time mode and will be used, in particular, to make forecasts for the harvest.

Mikhail Ryazanov, Vice Rector for IT and Digital Educational Environment at Altai State University:

"This is a project that will automate certain processes in the work of agricultural producers. Starting from "on the field" technologies: measurement of temperature, humidity and other soil parameters, information on fertilizers applied and their quantity, information on crops that have been sown. Further this information is imposed on the system of mathematical models using a network of primary sensors. We try to provide the agricultural producers with a recommendatory system that would allow more efficient use of the resources they possess."

According to Mikhail Ryazanov, you can manage the system from any convenient device that has access to the Internet. The trial version was successfully tested on one of the Altai farms. The program will be completed by the end of the year.

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