ASU presented Smart City of Barnaul project in Seoul

18 June 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
A meeting of vice-rectors of leading Russian universities in the field of IT organized by Cisco took place in Seoul. The meeting was attended by Mikhail Ryazanov, Vice-Rector for Information Technologies and Digital Educational Environment of Altai State University.

The meeting of vice-rectors of leading universities of the Russian Federation was held on June 13–17 in the capital of the Republic of Korea. It was dedicated to the development of information technologies and projects of urban environment digitalization. Seoul was chosen as a venue for the meeting not by chance. Many tourists and IT experts call the capital and the largest metropolis of South Korea the most intelligent city in the world. In 2011, "Smart Seoul 2015" strategic plan was developed. As a result, the number of users of "smart" devices exceeded 80% of the city's residents by 2015, while 30% had the opportunity to watch the broadcasts of "smart" television. As part of the program, Seoul created "smart" spaces where people can use wireless Internet for free anywhere and anytime. Residents use e-currency called T-Money. This is a card that you can use to pay for fare in all types of public transport. In addition, Seoul became the first city in the world to launch the contactless smart card "Upass". All subway stations and cars support 4G communication and wireless Internet. Seoul's "smart" strategy is complemented by such attendant goals as improving the quality of online communication, increasing the availability of administrative services, taking measures to ensure public safety and introducing intelligent information security tools.

Организатором форума стала всемирно известная IT-компания «Cisco», которая много лет является одним из стратегических партнеров Алтайского государственного университета. На базе АлтГУ действует «Академия Cisco», с помощью которой усовершенствовали свои компетенции в области информационных технологий более 1500 студентов и сотрудников вузов Барнаула.

The forum was organized by Cisco, the world-famous IT-company, which has been is one of the strategic partners of Altai State University for many years. There is Cisco Academy on the premises of Altai State University, with the help of which more than 1500 students and employees of Barnaul universities have perfected their competences in the field of information technologies.

On June 14, the first day of the forum, the participants visited the office of Cisco in Seoul and discussed the trends in the development of information technologies in modern education.

A number of issues were considered at the meeting with the participation of vice-rectors of Russian universities. What makes the city "smart"? How to improve the efficiency of public services? What is the digital literacy of city residents? What ensures the stability of the smart city infrastructure?

Seoul mayor Park Won-soon said that the secret of smart society lies in the completely new level of communication that Cisco can provide.

Marcus Lim Wah Onn, Director for Digital Education at Asia-Pacific Cisco Systems, acted as a speaker of the session and introduced the forum participants to the technologies used for a modern university by the example of the Asia-Pacific universities.

Vice-Rector for Information Technologies and Digital Educational Environment of Altai State University Mikhail A. Ryazanov delivered a report as well. He touched upon the network infrastructure of Altai State University and Smart City of Barnaul project created within the framework of the Strategic Development Program of Altai State University. In 2017, the project was presented to the administration of Barnaul and was of interest to the specialized committees. In the near future Altai State University hopes to implement Smart City of Barnaul project in conjunction with the city administration.

На совещании с докладом выступил проректор по информатизации и цифровой образовательной среде  Алтайского государственного университета Михаил Анатольевич Рязанов. Он рассказал о сетевой инфраструктуре АлтГУ, проекте «Умный город Барнаул», созданном в рамках Программы стратегического развития Алтайского государственного университета. В 2017 году проект был представлен в администрации г. Барнаула и заинтересовал профильные комитеты. Алтайский государственный университет надеется в ближайшем будущем на реализацию проекта «Умный город Барнаул» совместно с городской администрацией.

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