Famous scientist from Bulgaria delivers open lectures on marketing at ASU

20 June 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
On June 19 Altai State University hosted an open lecture given by the leading scientist of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" (Bulgaria, Sofia), Professor Christo Kaftandjiev.

Doctor of Philology, Head of the Department of Advertising and PR of Sofia University, honorary member of the Russian Marketers’ Guild Christo Kaftandjiev came to Russia from Kazakhstan, where he currently holds the post of Vice-Rector for International Cooperation of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University, an old partner of Altai State University. The trip was organized by the employees of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems under the leadership of Candidate of Economics, Assistant Professor of the Department of Regional Economy and Management, Vice Dean for International Affairs of the Institute Inna V. Mishchenko with the assistance of Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University, namely the Center for Educational Programs Internationalization in the person of Doctor of Economics, Assistant Professor, Head of the Center Elena P. Shustova.

Heads of different departments of the university, lecturers and everyone wishing to learn about the promotion of higher education on the international market of educational services and increase their competitiveness were invited to the meeting devoted to the latest trends in university marketing.

"Your university turned out to be forward-minded in terms of communication development. I think the material that I have prepared will be useful to all interested employees of Altai State University," the Bulgarian scientist noted.

Further, he added that, being familiar with the universities of different countries of the world and regions of Russia, he was able to say that ASU was an advanced, competitive university.

"You have everything you need: competent administration, good lecturers, hard-working students, your own newspaper, and the buildings of your university are located in the center of the city. I really like it here, and if we succeed, I would like to become a full-time teacher at Altai State University. I really love Bulgaria, but I like it in Russia as well. I have been teaching in Finland for three years. It was great there too, and I met only good people, but I would not like to spend my life in this country. In Russia I almost feel like a local. Language, religion, attitude to life are only a few of things that the Bulgarians and Russians have in common," Christo Kaftandjiev said.

A day earlier, on June 18, Christo Kaftandjiev delivered another open lecture entitled "Semiotics of marketing communications" was held on the premises of the International Institute of Economics, Management and Informational Systems, which turned out to be of interest not only to future marketers, but also to students of other majors. An interesting topic and a lively presentation of the material were especially appreciated by students majoring in Journalism and Philology.

It is to be noted that this was the second visit of Christo Kaftandjiev to Altai State University. The first one took place several years ago, when the professor was invited to participate in the International Forum on Advertising and Public Relations, which took place on the riverside of Katun.

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