Akeo Misaki: “I want to work with the scientists of Altai State University!”

10 July 2018 Department of Information and Mass Communications
One of the scientists participating in the 26th Extended European Cosmic Ray Symposium (ECRS) and the 35th Russian Cosmic Ray Conference (RCRC) is the outstanding astrophysicists, professor at Saitama University (Japan), visiting professor at Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics under Moscow State University and Altai State University Akeo Misaki.

The professor told the press service of Altai State University about his participation in the symposium and about plans for cooperation with the scientists of the flagship university.

– Professor, what brought you to the symposium? What is your report about?

– I came to the symposium at Altai State University at the invitation of Professor Anatoly Lagutin, with whom we have been fruitfully cooperating for many years. My report is devoted to a very important effect in the field of cosmic rays, the RPM effect, without which future experiments in this field cannot be visualized. This is the effect of random impact in the field of high cosmic energies. It affects the search for cosmic neutrinos.

– How long have you been working with Anatoly Lagutin? What are the plans for further cooperation?

– We have been cooperating for more than 30 years! Lagutin-san was the first who understood my scientific work correctly and appreciated it! That is not in Moscow, but here, in the Russian province, my work has received understanding, support and adequate evaluation! Now I am a visiting professor at Altai State University. We have already met with the Rector of the university Sergey Zemlyukov and discussed the prospects for further cooperation. I want to establish joint work not only in the field of cosmic rays, but also in other areas, particularly in nuclear physics. After the symposium, I will stay at Altai State University, and once again, together with Professor Lagutin and Vice-Rector Roman Raikin, we will specifically talk about joint projects. I want to work with the scientists of Altai State University!

– Does such cooperation imply educational activity?

– It concerns research activities so far. But, of course, I would like to develop joint educational projects. Moreover, Altai State University and Saitama University are partners. This issue should be the topic of individual negotiations!

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