Asian Student Forum opens at Altai State University

11 October 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Yesterday, on October 10, participants of the Asian Student Forum under the auspices of the Association of Asian Universities, which has opened at Altai State University, proceeded to the substantive part of the event.

Young people from more than forty higher educational institutions of four Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Russia) got acquainted with Barnaul, Altai State University and each other on the first day of the forum. The participants attended the opening ceremony, where they were greeted by representatives of the executive and legislative authorities of the city and region, as well as the leadership of the flagship university.

“Our main goal is to discuss the trajectory for further international youth cooperation. Last year, the Youth Council of the Association of Asian Universities was created at the youth forum, which provided us with the opportunity for integration, interaction and organization of joint networking events. Now we have to form joint network projects, outline interaction points and start systematic work of the youth council,” Denis A. Goloborodko, chairman of the organizing committee, head of the Department for Educational and Extracurricular Work at ASU said.

The main objectives of the forum include the establishment of communication channels, the specification of joint network projects for further integration into the work of the Association of Asian Universities, the competitive selection of the best of them and the formation of the development strategy of the Youth Council.

“The Asian Student Forum is a very important event, which has proved to be an effective platform for discussion. Here we are planning not only to share our own experience, but also to help the young people in the implementation of their projects. The State Duma Youth Parliament is implementing many projects of various directions, so we are interested in cooperation with ambitious young people from Russia and other countries. Recently, we hosted an international forum of the common state, where the youth of Russia and Belarus discussed the issues of political and humanitarian cooperation. One of the results was the creation of a project on holding the World Youth Day of Historical Memory, which we are going to present in New York,” Yevgenia Kozlova, head of the Office of the State Duma Youth Parliament, said at the opening ceremony.

The forum organizers call it a platform for communication, exchange of experience, networking, formation of an international team of like-minded people to implement joint projects, etc.

One of the permanent traditions of the Asian Student Forum is the evaluation of its work, which is presented in the form of a special symbolic record book. At the opening ceremony, the record book was transferred from the host of the III Asian Student Forum "Altai-Asia 2017", Eurasian National University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to the host of “Altai-Asia 2018”, Altai State University. Evaluation of the entire work of the forum will be made at the closing ceremony.

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