ASU enters the ranking of Russian universities’ inventive activity

15 November 2018 Department of Information and Media Communications
Altai State University for the first time entered the ranking of Russian universities’ inventive activity, giving up only 12 positions to the Higher School of Economics.

The Index of Inventive Activity is presented by the Expert Analytical Center in the publication “Rankings of Entrepreneurial and Inventive Activity of Russian Universities”.

It took into account both the most common gross indicators (the total number of university patents and the number of other patents cited by the university) and the quality of patents (the number of university patents in collaboration with other research organizations; the number of patents extended; the number of patents quoted), as well as the university inventions (university’s direct sales of patents and licenses, the number of foreign university patents, and the number of patents registered jointly by the university commercial companies).

ASU entered the 2018 ranking with a position of 61–66, almost equaling such leading higher schools in Russia as Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (61–66 place) and Moscow Polytechnic University (55–60 place), and losing only 12 positions to the leading participant of the 5–100 project – the Higher School of Economics (46–49 place).

It should be noted that ASU took the 38th place in the Quality of Patents category, gaining 35.3 points. As a result, ASU reached the 4th position among the classical universities of the Siberian Federal District, losing only to the participants of the 5–100 project Tomsk State University, Novosibirsk State University and Siberian Federal University.

The researchers emphasize that in the preparation of rankings, they use only open, unambiguous and verifiable indicators. In addition, they select them in such a way that they can be scaled to other regions and countries. The presented research is based on the data of patent information systems: FIPS, Patent Lens, Google Patents.

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