International students of ASU have fun making Russian dolls

23 November 2018 Preparatory Department of Russian as Foreign Language

On November 18 international students of the Preparatory Department of Russian as Foreign Language at Altai State University visited the State Museum of Literature, Art and Culture of Altai and took part in a master class.

On the excursion, students learned about the arrangement of a Russian hut and handicraft that our ancestors liked doing during long winter evenings. At the master class they made their own Zernovushka dolls. This Russian rag doll was usually made in the fall, after the harvest: they took a canvas bag, filled it with grain and dressed it in a traditional Russian costume. The doll was a symbol of full life and prosperity in the family and was considered a talisman, which was in every home. It was also put to practical use: people used to take the grain from the rag doll and cook it in the years of famine.

All the dolls turned out different, bright and unique. The students were happy and expressed their feelings with associations. “This is my girlfriend!” Camilo from Colombia said smilingly. “This is my Russian grandmother! Her name is Barnaulina!” Loic from the Central African Republic said and signed a photo of his doll.
Students really liked this format of visiting the museum. Such events are not only an interesting pastime, but also contribute to the cultural adaptation of foreigners.

Altai State University thanks the students for their efforts and interest in the Russian culture, the museum staff for their professionalism and hospitality, and the preparatory department staff for their help in organizing the excursion!

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