ASU and the Ministry of Health of Altai Krai conclude an agreement on joint activities

27 July 2017 Department of Information and Media Communications
As part of the implementation of the Flagship University Development Program, Altai State University strengthens ties with regional ministries.

Altai State University and the Ministry of Health of Altai Krai concluded an agreement on joint activities. The document involves the interaction of the university and the ministry on a wide range of issues, including training for medical organizations of Altai Krai, as well as the development and implementation of innovative methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Particular attention is paid to the joint implementation of activities under the state program "Healthcare Development in Altai Krai until 2020".

The agreement will be the basis for communication with practical health care at the university in the field of medicine and pharmacy, and will also allow the content of relevant educational programs to be tailored to the needs of medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

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