Biologists of ASU conducted research in Paris and Munich

1 February 2019 Faculty of Biology

From January 4 to 21, 2019, professor of the Faculty of Biology Roman V. Yakovlev and student of the Faculty of Biology Artem Naidenov conducted research in two of the largest European entomological museums in Munich and Paris.

“Our trip was very productive. My main task was to process the material on the butterflies of the poorly studied tree borer family (Cossidae) of South and Central America. Work in such large museum, the material for which was collected by various entomologists and naturalists from around the world, provides a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the fauna of unexplored regions of our planet. It was very interesting for me to work with such vast collections, in which one can find a wealth of scientific novelty: from new data on the distribution of a particular taxon to new species or even a butterfly species.

Due to the large amount of work we had little free time, but despite this, we managed to visit some of the sights of Munich and Paris. For example, I am interested in France and was happy to see the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral with my own eyes. Munich has few monumental buildings, but I also enjoyed its beautiful architecture, cozy streets and beautiful museums.

I want to express my deep gratitude to my supervisor, Roman V. Yakovlev, and to Thomas J. Witt for the opportunity to travel and work with very valuable material,” Artyom Naidenov said.

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